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ISEKAI:Demon Waifu

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Plot Introduction
Tired of being a lonely gamer and social outcast? Who said this was your destiny? When you are willing to risk it all, you can have it all! Will you just be another nobody or will you satisfy your appetite as the Demon Prince? Your journey in the otherworld starts here!
Begin your journey in your besieged stronghold Paladina, and set forth to conquer all known and unknown.
Strengthen your Subordinates and expand your Demon Prince Influence.
Fall in love and turn your loved ones into princesses.
Challenge strong enemies to conquer the world.
The Demon Prince's path is for you to decide, create an Otherworld kingdom all of your own.

※For a better gameplay experience, please select the region which best corresponds to your local time. All events in-game are set according to the server time.
Here are the details for each region.
EU Server time: UTC+0
NA Server time: UTC-5
SEA Server time: UTC+8

Game Features:
[Get intimate with your soul mates in the harem]
An elf queen, a pure girl, an exotic dancer, a charming baroness... All kinds of beauties waiting for you! Indulge with countless beauties in the Harem. Improve your affection with the girls to provide bonuses to your subordinates and increase your kingdom's power.

[Search for beautiful women]
Surround yourself with beautiful women. The Demon Prince can use the portal to travel to anywhere on the Paladina continent, where he'll encounter a variety of beauties along the way. The charming and handsome Demon Prince touches the hearts of countless beauties! Take them back to your Harem and show them your love!

[Recruit Subordinates to do your bidding]
Gather your elite troops and lead them into countless battles. Enhance your Subordinates and lead them to become the lord of the Otherworld. The Demon Prince's leadership skills attract many people with lofty ideals, willing to follow the Demon Prince's orders to the last! Each subordinate has different talent skills. Strengthen their skills and defeat the enemy to become the lord of the Otherworld!

[Dress as Royalty]
Change into exquisite clothes as you like. Various clothing styles are available for your Consorts and Subordinates. Show your love with exquisite clothes!

[Battle it out in the Arena]
In the arena, the strong win respect! PK other players in the arena where the strong crush their opponents! Enhance your kingdom's strength and challenge other Demon Princes, defeat them at all costs and fight for the highest honor in cross-server battles!

[Make friends and join a guild]
Make friends, set up a Guild, and battle side by side. Lead the Guild with your friends to become more powerful than any other!

Note: Some game content requires separate payments

What's new

Adventure awaits you in this otherworld themed SLG sim game! Record your Legacy!



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